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John Carroll

Welcome to my website

John was born in New York and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He returned to New York in 1984 and after 5 years there, decided to pay a visit to the West Coast. He fell in love with Southern California and decided to move there in 1989. After a number of years in the financial services industry, he went to work with his uncle, a neurologist, in Newport Beach as an accounting manager and this led to his first taste of the "entertainment/media" business. He traveled the U.S. with his uncle as his medical multimedia specialist helping create multiple powerpoint presentations and assisting with on-site stage preparations. After numerous compliments from family, friends and others on his character impersonations, and largely due to his wife Nadine's encouragement, he decided to get involved in acting at the start of 2009. He has not looked back since. He is extensively involved with the "Performers Academy" in Laguna Hills studying "Method Acting" under Stella Adler and Kim Stanley alumni Randall England. He is also studying "Improv" under Herbert Berghof alumni Rudy Mella, and "Auditioning Techniques and Character Scene/Study Breakdown under Jeff Celentano